Friday, 23 November 2007

Tillyboo's Top Tips

Tillyboo Events are specialists in creating amazing weddings for affordable prices and not giving into the 'common' high price tag that seems to go with the word wedding.

Heres Tillyboos top tips to create that amazing day with some of our cost saving tips, for an oh-so-chic wedding:

1. Prioritise. When you don’t have a huge budget, it’s essential to focus on a few excellent ideas you can execute well than to try to accomplish too much and spread yourself thin.
Think twice about buying an expensive dress if you are having a lower budget wedding. Everyone will think you look beautiful on your wedding day no matter what, and there may be areas where extra pennies will make a bigger difference.

2. Be flexible. Although it wouldn’t be a first choice midweek and Sunday weddings will give you a lot of leverage with suppliers who would perhaps otherwise would decline to work within relatively small budgets.

3. Pick a low-cost venue. Look at parks, town halls, and other lower cost alternatives. These sites can also cut down on the amount of decorations you need by providing dramatic (and free) backdrops.

4. Choose suppliers carefully. Choose suppliers carefully whom you can talk to and build a relationship with

5. Don’t over-do-it-yourself. DIY has its advantages, but too many projects will just make you feel stressed out and weary. Do only what you feel comfortable with and what you can pull off expertly. A homemade feel can be charming, but if projects look too unfinished, it may be better not to do them at all.

6. Buy it or Hire it yourself when possible. Can you buy your own alcohol? Hire Decoraive items for a fraction of the price you could buy for!

7. Splurge selectively. Spending extra on a few key areas will focus people’s attention and they probably won’t notice other things are missing. Smaller elements are certainly the areas guests will focus on, remember when so and so did that and wasn't that a fabulous touch ... stationery, entertainment, quirky decorative elements ... these items do not have to cost a vast amount of pounds but will cetainly get everybody talking.

8. It’s all in the details. I think this is the most important tip. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Repeating your color scheme and various themes with some subtlety is key for a pulled together look.

9. Don’t forget it’s a party. It should be fun, and most of all, it should reflect the two of you. Getting wrapped up in the “once in a lifetime” way of thinking makes it easy to overspend. Try to remember that the event is a celebration of your marriage.
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