Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Inspiration Boards

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE inspiration boards... Many brides are asking how to create them ... Here goes ...

For those of you that are a little unsure as to how to get an inspiration board going, here are some tips...

1. Create an actual inspiration board from magazine snippets, fabric swatches, photos, etc. Your backdrop can be anything from a cork board to a piece of poster board. Snap a picture of the board and email it to me. I can create a JPEG for you. This is absolutely a great way to create a beautiful board, plus, you can always have it as a wedding memory.

2. Send me an email with 9-12 photos that you would like to use in your board, and a brief description of your desired wedding look. I am more than happy to format the photos into an e-board for you.

3. Feel free to work on the board using a program that you know and send it to me in that format. Chances are, I can easily re-work it to become a jpeg. For example, if you use Microsoft Word, just copy/paste photos onto the page, then pull them together so that they touch. Once you have your photos set up, just send me the word document and I can re-format it from there.

4. And finally, for those of you that are more design savvy, here are some tips...use a photo layout program like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Find pictures that are a nice resolution (ie. 72 and up), then copy and paste them into your program. Play with the layout until your photos fit seamlessly onto your board (you may have to crop and re-size along the way). Save the board, then export it into a Jpeg.

If you have questions about using a particular program to set up a board, just email me. There are so many programs out there, that it is hard to post instructions for each one. Hopefully, the tips above will give you LOTs of options.

Happy Cutting

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