Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Floral Meanings

So, in an effort to educate myself a little more...as well as all Tillyboo brides, I wanted to post a little bit about flowers and their meaning.

Baby's breath = Everlasting love
Bachelor's button = Celibacy, delicacy
Calla lily = Magnificent beauty
Carnation (pink) = Woman's love
Carnation = Pure love
Cornflower = Delicacy
Crocus = Cheerfulness
Daisy = Innocence
Dogwood = Duration
Fern = Magic
Forget-me-not = Remember me
Freesia = Innocence
Fuchsia = Confiding love
Geranium = True friendship
Hellebore = Calming
Hyacinth = Sport and play
Iris = I have a message for you
Ivy = Friendship
Jasmine (pink) = I attach myself to you
Jasmine (white) = Amiability
Lady's mantle = Comfort
Lilac = First emotions of love
Lily-of-the-valley = Return of happiness
Mint = Virtue
Myrtle = Love
Oak leaf = Bravery
Orchid = You're in my thoughts
Peony = Bashful
Peppermint = Warmth of feeling
Primrose = Youth
Ranunculus = Radiant with charms
Rose (white) = I am worthy of you
Rose = Love
Rosemary = Remembrance
Snowdrop = Hope
Sweet pea = Delicate pleasures
Sweet violet = Modesty
Sweet William = Sensitivity
Tulip (pink) = Caring
Tulip (variegated) = Beautiful eyes
Tulip = Declaration of love
Violet (blue) = Faithfulness

The very most important thing to consider when choosing your wedding flowers...is choosing the right florist. Make sure you find someone who has the TIME and know-how to walk you through all of the little ins and outs of your wedding. They should show you (at the least) a portfolio or (even better) walk you through their shop to give you some different ideas for colors, shapes and varieties.

Flowers should only make up 5 - 10% of your budget so try your hardest to not be talked into the more expensive varieties of flowers if your budget doesn't allow it. There are PLENTY of ways to achieve a magazine worthy spread without the high costs. Your florist should be open and willing to work with you on this and should have some great ideas as to how to translate a particular look, with your particular budget.

Sarahxx (The Tillyboo Team)
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