Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mr Jason Hart - Guest Blogger

A great blog entry from the fabulous and sensational Mr Jason Hart who we worship and adore!!!!!!!! 

I've been working on new songs this week following a string of first dance song requests. I've had requests from from Take that to the Foo Fighters. 
My personal favourite has to be Fyfe Dangerfield "she's always a woman" which I've been asked for a lot recently, also Michael Buble "Everything"
is often requested and also the wonderful "make you feel my love" by Adele is a scorching tune, soon to be learned! 

I've already been totally amazed at a handful of wedding venues this year, but my top three for 2010/2011 has to be
The Monastry in Manchester (pictured below) quite literally a monastery, rebuilt with love care and attention and restored to it's former glory. I have been fortunate to
sing in some nice venues but the acoustics in this place were simply breathtaking and the staff were the best, repeat best I've ever worked with, due in no small part to the fact they carried my equipment in, parked my car and made me a cup of tea. Wonderful stuff!

The Merchant adventurers Hall- York The band were booked for a wedding two weeks ago at this venue and before we even set up our equipment the bride and groom 
were dancing. The venue is a beautiful Tudor relic, packed to the rafters with suits of armour, tapestries and on this night,  two hundred guests dancing on the tables. We
had a wonderful night and to top it off, the father of the bride returned at twelve-midnight with two hundred big mac meals! It was like feeding time at the zoo, I've never
seen anything like it, amazing fun, it really was, especially for a secret Mcdonalds lover like me, and also Barry our keyboard player who I noticed ate two ;-)

Shottle Hall - Derbyshire- I think Shottle is a wonderful venue and I could go on and on about the marquee, the food, the location, the view etc etc, but really, the people
that run it and work there are it's best selling point, I love returning there.

My favourite wedding this year has to be Alison and Paul's at Makeney Hall. I was asked to sing Beatles songs during the ceremony, and play acoustic songs during the
drinks reception. In the evening the band arrived and we played two sets and D.J's until midnight. We had a lovely day, infact it felt like the first day of spring, the sun was out
and the birds were tweeting. Just want to say well done to Alisons daughter for singing during the meal and also singing the first dance-wonderful stuff!!

I've been working alongside Tillyboo Events for the last couple of years and I'm excited to mention that I'm now available for bookings around the midlands
thanks to Sarah effectively saving me from driving all over the country to sing! So if you're planning an event at The Priest House, Makeney Hall, Breadsall Priory or any number of wonderful venues around the midands then get in touch and we can make sure you have a wonderful night with all of your favourite songs :-)

See you soon !



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