Monday, 23 November 2009

Hottest Trends for 2010

Hot News - Pantone released their Spring and Summer 2010 forecast colours


Coral (Pantone 16-1543) and Gray or Turquoise (PANTONE 15-5519) paired with White or Gray

Happy Go Lucky

Yellow (Pantone 12-0642) inspires happiness. Bright fun on the green side of the yellow spectrum. 

When you look at yellow you feel happy!

Yellow and Gray rock!

Red (Pantone 18-1661) paired with Black

Modern Classic
Red (Pantone 18-1661) paired with Warm Beige (Pantone 16-1219) or Gray
Navy (Pantone 18-3945) is always a classic color for our brides.
Navy (Pantone 18-3945) and Light Violet (Pantone 16-3320)
Navy (Pantone 18-3945) and Raspberry Pink (Pantone 233 Uncoated)

Yellow (Pantone 12-0642) and Golden Orange (Pantone coated 151) or Coral (Pantone 16-1543)

Turquoise (PANTONE 15-5519) paired with Red (Pantone 18-1661)

Dusty Olive (Pantone 17-0627) with Pink Champagne (Pantone 12-1107)
Light Violet (Pantone 16-3320) and Beige (Pantone 16-1219)
Light Violet (Pantone 16-3320) and Dusty Olive (Pantone 17-0627)

wedding colors 2010

Spring / Summer 2010 Color Trends
I spend endless hours researching color trends a year in advance. The colors posted above have been shown in numerous postings online! I am delighted to see CORAL coming back! Teal and sky blue are among my favorites also!

A few color combos I love for your 2010 wedding are:
Teal and Coral
Vintage Purple and Sky Blue
Emerald and Cream
Mauve and Wine
Lilac and Sky Blue
Wine and Blush Pink
Sky Blue and Light Yellow
Mocha and Blush Pink
Warm Gray and any Pink or Coral or Blue or Purple
Olive and Mauve
Mint and Vintage Purple

What color combo will you use? Share with us in the comments. Also, if you need help determining your wedding colours we would love to assist you!!!
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