Sunday, 18 January 2009

Inspiration for 2009!

As Wedding Planners we have
to be up to date with upcoming trends and styles...

It is really important not to be caught up with 
Wedding Etiquette so to speak...

Always remember the day is about the love you share, 
your individual style and personality should be
 well and truly stamped 
in the foundations of the planning.

Use the day and add the touches to 
illustrate to friends and family
the happiness you have found 
and don't be afraid to shout it out
from the roof tops! 

The most important thing is to enjoy the planning
 and creativity that will come with it! 

Here we have illustrated the latest trends season by season... 

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter ..... 
(Please not Winter again yet!)


Think strong Florals and Bright Shades of colour this Spring,
After all we have been in a Dreary Winter
 for it seems like forever! 
Cherry Blossoms are a great trend for 2009, embrace them ... 
Think Shades of Pinks, Soft Purples, Blues and Yellows

Summer is Pastel Brocades, think English Country Garden, 
Pink Lemonade, Lanterns and Bunting...
 Pastels can be in any combination 
and use colour palette's to choose
opposing colours that compliment just so!

Use your imagination for Rustic Charms, 
Shades of Oranges, Browns,
 mix with coordinating shades of 
Teals, Reds, Blues, Creams and Pinks... 
Remember to think out of the box! 


 This year cool colours with Vintage charm is the key
Blacks, Greys, Reds and Greens 
use with a coordinating White or Ivory 
and a hint of Golds or Silver... 
remember depth is the answer!

Always use flowers and touches
 that compliment the season, 
the look will completed perfectly
 but more importantly without breaking the bank!


The Tillyboo Team xx

A big Thank You to Snippet & ink for 
giving us permission to use these inspiration boards 

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