Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Image Of The Day - Mrs McArthur!!!

Have you ever sat at your office desk, 
allowing time to run away with you?

Before you know it an hour as past - yes - 'ONE' big juicy hour!!!

I have just lost that hour on Crash Taylors website!!!

Where as that hour just gone?
Anyway I thought I had better put my lost time to good use ...

so as I came accross this picture of the lovely Natalie ...

Yes!!! The one and only 'Tillyboos' Natalie

I thought I had better upload it for all to see :-)

Crash was Natalie's wedding photographer earlier this year!

x Crash we love you x

I just love this picture!
Set outside the beautiful grounds of Woodborough Hall
and the stunning wedding car
 supplied by the wonderful Dennisson Classic cars...
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