Friday, 11 July 2008

Tillyboo Events 2009 Inspiration

Well Pink is so a colour to be choosing for your 2009 wedding. 

Gone were the days that pink really meant barbie doll!!! 

Pink can ooze style and add the depth needed to add glamour and elegance to your special day. 

Planning is the key and shades and textures 
certainly assist in the final product.

We at Tillyboo Events want to share some exciting news, 

Firstly we have now moved premises,
We are now based in offices at Castle Donington 
therefore based in the heart of Derby, Nottingham and Leicestershire. 

Secondly the team is getting bigger and bigger
 and we are please to announce our new recruits, 
so 'Say hello to Kirsty, Leanne, Natalie and Chloe'.

Crash - we have a favour (Crash Taylor Photography) - -
 We need some photos of the team are you ready to be Tillyboo'd!)

Thirdly - and I am buzzing about this 
Or it may just be the 'Red Bull' I am surviving on 
We are just about ready to launch our new stationery website 

With oh so hip and chic 'Brand New' designs
 and..........  a flattering new brand to compliment it. 

Lastly - the long awaited 'Brand New' Table Packages 
and Inspirational ideas will be launched soon, 
So you can see just how affordable
 an amazing wedding working with Tillyboo Events can be!!! 

Check back pretty soon to be Tillyboo'd!!! 

Well bye for now and speak next week, weddings galore this weekend 

'Please let that British Summer Sun - SHINE!!!'

PS. Congratulation's to Becky and Greg, Sophie and Michael, 
David and Emma, Laura and Dan 
whom are all celebrating getting married this weekend.

We have enjoyed help coordinate your big day
 and send you all love and best wishes!


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